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Steel Frames can be pre-assembled to arrive on site ready to erect or can be flatpacked on pallets allowing for cheaper shipping.

Steel Frames are easy to assemble and erect and can be assembled by semi skilled labour under guidance from one of our staff or contractors.

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Hi Tech has two rollformers with one being for 90mm wall frames and one being for 140mm wall or floor frames.
Both of these machines are designed with world leading technology in hardware and software.

Steel construction has never been easier than with this technology and it has revolutionized building.

In larger commercial construction, wall frames and many building components are now almost exclusively steel framing and timber is a thing of the past.

Steel framing is the new, sexy girl on the block, in construction

Many leading house building companies are using steel framing technology now as they have recognized its superiority to traditional products and that has now taken house building into the computer age.

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